Condo or House & Lot: 6 Factors to Consider

When planning to make a real estate investment, there are two basic choices available: house and lot or condominium unit. You have to weigh in the pro’s and con’s of buying land and house packages versus investing in a condo unit. These factors will help you make the right decision for your new home.

land and house packages



The location of the unit (whether house and lot or condominium) is one of the primary factors that will impact your choice on which to invest in. If both types of property are located in a prime area, you can expect that condo units will be slightly cheaper. Naturally, properties that include a land will be more expensive as it is considered as a hot commodity these days. The type of development project your property belongs in could also cause the price to fluctuate.

You have to think one step ahead of developers when looking for new homes. These developers and engineers spend a lot of research and value re-engineering to evaluate how much a property costs. It is therefore important to study what these factors are as they can directly impact overall cost of the property.


As briefly touched earlier, the location is an important factor to consider when choosing land and house packages. Residential units and properties located in the central business district area are evidently more expensive than the ones that are located near rural locations. Hence, you have to choose your ideal location first before you take into account the budget for buying a property.


In relation to the location, you should consider the convenience offered by investing in particular real estate properties. Is it far from your place of work? Is there a sound transport or highway system? Are schools and hospitals easily accessible from the location of your real estate investment? If you are going to live in the property for a long time, you have to make sure it is convenient to get to.


Depending on where you buy your land and house packages from, condominium units often have an advantage here. In exchange for not owning a piece of land with the vertical development, condo unit owners can enjoy luxury amenities exclusive only to the residents of that property.


You should consider your own lifestyle when deciding between a condo unit or a house and lot. Make sure that the living set up is convenient for you and is suited to your idea of privacy. If, for example, you want to have a garden or outdoor space, then you should choose a house and lot. But if you like the security features associated with condo living, then you have to choose accordingly.


Both types of properties provide you with your own private space to dwell in. However, the amount of space you get to enjoy will vary accordingly. If you want more space, you must be willing to invest more for the property (and it will also vary depending on the location of the property in question).

When considering options for Eden Brae Homes at has today, you have to take into account the above factors to make the right choice. These factors will determine that you have the right living setup to suit your lifestyle and budget.