Flagstone Patios: Everything You Need to Know Before Building One

Flagstone emerges as one of the top materials recommended for patio installation. The primary reason why it is considered ideal for patios is the fact that the narrow packed joints allow water to permeate through it instead of running off. In addition, flagstone when used as a material for building patios has that natural and organic look to it. The fact that most flagstone materials found in the market come in earth tones or shades of blue and green can be attributed to this. If you are planning to hire contractors for building patios Perth has, you need to give serious consideration into this material.

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Before you make that decision, it is a good idea to consult with expert patio builders Perth has to get professional recommendations. Furthermore, you can learn as much as you can about flagstone patios below.

Why Choose Flagstone Patio?

Choosing to build a flagstone patio is one of the best investments you can make to add value to your home. Flagstones are expensive materials used for building and paving patios. Therefore, they add aesthetic and market value to your home.

Aside from the natural look that it gives to your patio, the durability is another important consideration. Laying out the flagstone on top of various kinds of bases are also possible. In fact, you can place it on top of a permeable surface.

Patterns & Layout

Your choice of pattern and layout to use on your patio will not be dependent on the use of flagstone materials. If you want a formal patio, choose cut flagstones and lay them out in a repeating pattern. If you want an informal patio, choose ones with irregular shapes and lay them out in random. If you want the informal style, you can tell your contractor for patios Perth WA offers to do the “crazy paving”.

The choice of pattern to use on your patio is therefore a matter of personal taste and preference. Be creative with it. However, ask a professional patio builder to ensure that you are doing it right.


The cost of the material you use to build a patio is important. With flagstone patios, there are several factors that can affect the cost of building it. The amount of flagstone needed, the size of your patio, type and color, and the location are all contributing factors to determine the total cost of the project. Most flagstone patios can cost around $15-$30 per square foot. Because building flagstone patios Perth has now can offer less costs, most homeowners choose to use flagstones in conjunction with other materials to reduce the cost.

The method of installation is another factor that will make the cost fluctuate. To give you an idea, mortaring flagstones tends to be more expensive than dry layering the flagstones over a sand and gravel base.

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