Your Guide to Freezer Fire Safety

It may seem contradictory, but freezer fires do happen in homes and even commercial facilities. Even though safety guidelines are provided during appliances installations such as a refrigeration NER installation, you can’t be complacent. But before you get paranoid about your own fridge bursting into flames any minute now, read on to find out about freezer fires: More information Refrigeracion NER

  • As an electrical device, a refrigerator should be registered in case of a recall due to a freezer fire.
  • Refrigerators usually only last up to 13 years. If your fridge’s brand is Whirlpool and has been developing a discolouration due to aging, you may send it for service such as a refrigeration NER service.
  • To check if your refrigerator is in danger of catching flames, check the socket and plug for any burn marks.
  • Check the manufacturer’s website if they have a product recall checker to ensure if the item has not been recalled before by the manufacturer for safety and performance issues.
  • If your fridge is an older model, check if it has a plastic backing. This material is highly flammable and can emit toxic gases if ignited.